About Us

MariasFlower.com takes floral and gift orders from anywhere in the world and delivers them anywhere in Hong Kong. When you are looking for a florist to deliver flowers in and around Hong Kong, make sure that you find a business that not only cares about flowers, but the world in general. In addition to providing our customers with the freshest, most beautiful selection of blooms that can be found, we values ethics and believes in giving back to the community.

When you buy these flowers online, you are getting high quality flowers from professional florists who believe in customer service and serving others. There is no reason to throw your money at large retailers who care about profits more than anything else, when you can order from a local, community-based florist that cares deeply about giving back. In a culture that has been swamped with corporate greed and Wall Street scandals, you know your money is being used honestly and ethically when you send flowers to your friends and colleagues in Hong Kong. There is no need to worry about bad business practices, poor worker treatment, or exploitation. MariasFlower.com is well known as a great and charitable florist. We will welcome you into our family as soon as you place your first order.

You have many options when it comes to ordering flowers. Thousands of websites promise to deliver the finest flowers at the lowest prices. However, you want to use a business that you can trust. Order your flowers from an ethical and socially responsible florist. You will be doing a good deed not only for the person who receives the gift of flowers, but for the community as a whole.